About us

    Stress and eye-strain are taking a back seat with OPTIO


    Working long hours at our desks all day is something we know all too well. The back pain, the neck strain, and the headaches that come with staring at the computer screen all day long. While we found that five minute stretch breaks every hour helped a lot with the back and neck situation, the headaches were a different story. On top of that, we couldn’t find a way to get rid of dry eyes, eye strain, or the blurriness.

    That’s when we decided to do something about it, and that’s where OPTIO all began. We genuinely want to help others around the world who have been in that same position as us (and we know there are a lot of you).

    We actually know what it feels like to deal with the constant strain and fatigue. And that means we know exactly what others need in a relaxation product.


    Give your eyes the OPTIO treatment


    Eye massagers weren’t anything new to us, but we just couldn’t find one that suited our all-round needs. From clunky designs to a lack of massage modes and heating abilities, it was a struggle to find the perfect one.

    We realized very quickly what we wanted to create the best eye massager that wouldn’t just relieve strain, but also improve eye bags and dark circles, as well as reduce the risk of insomnia.

    Something else we struggled to find with other massagers was, quite simply, a comfortable one. We found that many of them weren’t adjustable enough, and were either much too tight, or too loose.

    And that’s why our OPTIO 4D Eye Massager has all of the wonderful features it has.

    • Powerful heating technology
    • 5 massage modes
    • Foldable and adjustable portable design
    • Bluetooth connection to answer calls and play music
    • Built-in intelligent double airbags and temple massagers to target all areas
    • Smart air pressure
    • Vibration massage for added comfort
    • Intelligent user-friendly HD display


    Strict quality control, because we know relaxation should last


    While a warm bubble bath or journaling session are both great when it comes to self-care, sometimes they just don’t cut it. That’s why many people are incorporating other kinds of products into their self-care routine, and when technology comes into play, quality is a major factor.

    Our intelligent OPTIO 4D Eye Massager uses revolutionary 4D technology, and each massager must pass strict quality criteria. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


    Self-care you don’t have to think about


    Self-care is vital, but we don’t always feel like we have the time to practice it. That’s why it’s so important to us that we built a product that is actually easy to use. No strange gadgetry. No confusing screens or buttons.

    Just a no-frills eye massager with all the features we know you need to relax the way you want.

    We’ve packed all the best parts about massagers into our OPTIO 4D Eye Massager, from hot compression, to a vibrating massage, to acupressure - all with convenient Bluetooth capabilities and in a portable, compact design.

    From personal experience, we understand that when it comes to me-time, you don’t want to have to think about it too much. It should be something you can do at the end of a long day, where all your stresses take a back seat.


    Get OPTIO now, your eyes will thank you!